Want to remember anything forever?

Introducing Leitner System!

Leitner System is the superhero of spaced repetitions. It’s a simple yet powerful method that teams up with flashcards to boost your learning power.

Have you ever wondered how to supercharge your brain and remember stuff like a champ?

Get ready for spaced repetitions, the ultimate memory hack!

It’s a magical technique that helps you learn and remember information by spacing out your practice sessions strategically.

How does it work?

You create flashcards with questions on one side and answers on the other.

It’s like having your own mini learning superheroes!

Now, these flashcards go into different boxes (from 1 to 7), each representing a mastery level.

The more you rock at answering a flashcard, the higher it climbs up the boxes.

Struggling? No worries! It simply goes down a box for some extra attention.

What’s the magic? The Leitner System knows that spaced repetitions are key.

That means reviewing your flashcards at just the right times to boost your brainpower.

Is it the best way to memorize things?

Sure! It’s all about efficiency.

The Leitner System knows how to make the most of your precious study time. By focusing on challenging flashcards and giving them extra attention, it turbocharges your learning process.

The Leitner System is as versatile as a chameleon. It works like magic for any subject or learning style.

Whether you’re tackling math equations or foreign language vocab, this system has got your back.

Say goodbye to cramming and hello to an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Okay, I’m in the game – how to get started?

The best part here is that… you don’t actually need to manually create those boxes and hand-written cards to use Leitner System 🙂 We’ve built an app for your smartphone that will do all these things for you.

So, let’s see how it works.

Ready to take learning to the next level?

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